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Sony PS3 Original Repair: Repair info for No Video Output

If you have tested the console on another television with another known working lead and you are getting the same results then book this repair. This fault is commonly due to a lack of communication between the various chips on the consoles mainboard, usually due to micro fractures in the solder joints under the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or the CPU (Central Processing Unit). We remove the chip at fault from the board and replace the solder then reattach the chip to the board. In some cases the BGA fails and it is necessary to remove and replace the chip with a new one, which we provide at no extra cost.

N.B. Before sending in your console to us, make sure you have tried a video reset.

To do this, switch the console on using the power switch located on the rear of the console; make sure the power light is red. Then press and hold the power switch next to the Blu-ray drive till the power light defaults back to red.


Book your console under this fault if you experience any or all of these symptoms:
  • The console turns on but there is nothing on screen.
  • There is nothing displayed in either HDMI or AV.
  • There is no damage to the video cable or the port on the console.
  • The controller will not sync to the Playstation 3 (wired or wireless)
  • You have tried a video reset and still have no picture.
1 - 5 days
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